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22/01/2011 17:22:48
Re: Annual leave calculation

I been working in this company since june of 2010 and i am entitled to 4 days of annual leaves last year as my company offer 8 days of annual leaves for staff under 2 years of service and those below 1 year will be pro-rated accordingly. And this year my company has increased the annual leaves from 8 to 12. My question is how many annual leaves i deserved if my service with the company will be ended on the end of january 2011. Its total 7 months im working there but my hr dept told me that i am not entitled to any leaves except the 4 days brought foward from last year. is it true?
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KL Siew
22/01/2011 17:35:16
But at least you should get 8/12 x 7 = 4.7 days if not to the nearest 5, isn't it?
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