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21/01/2011 19:23:14
Re: Compensation Right

Hi KL Siew,

I am a part tutor for a tuition centre.

Before I start working I did sign a document called "tutor service contract agreement".
The contract duration is 10 months, starting 3rd Jan 2011 until 30th Oct 2011.
Service Contract Value: estimated of RM 3,600
RM 30 per hour (10 students or less in the class)

The centre just called me today, said that students withdraw from tuition centre, so they asked me no need to for teaching anymore. [I give tuition every Saturday, 3 hours]

So in this case am I consider being sacked?
If I'm leaving, I need to give 1 month notice.
So now they stop hiring me do I have any right, for eg: ask for compensation?
Please guide me on this issue, thanks..
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KL Siew
21/01/2011 19:57:37
You may have to read that contract agreement again see if there is any clause pertaining to termination of contract. If there is none, then I think it will be difficult to sue on that contract agreement. Try to some free legal advice from the government Legal Aids Bureau (Biro Bantuan Guaman) if you think necessary.
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