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20/01/2011 19:10:41
Re: Fired for no apparent reason

i was on the way back home , and my boss sent me an sms saying today was my last day ... without any reasons or letter or any warning letters ... wat can i do about it
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KL Siew
20/01/2011 19:37:09
Complain to the Labour Office.
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20/01/2011 19:47:21
there are alot of things to complain actually , for example , my sick leave letter is actually an unpaid leave... sighhh will i get my compensation fee? for my salary is only 700 basic plus commision
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KL Siew
20/01/2011 19:56:53
No harm trying. Just go and make a complaint.
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21/01/2011 11:38:55
Aiya... Forget about it larh... Find another jobs lar... Why want complaint leh..
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