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19/01/2011 16:13:53
Re: Buying off of notice period

I have accepted an offer from new company around 2 months ago. This company requested me to join as earlier as possible and they willing to buy off the notice period for about one month. They told me they will release the payment when I report to work.

On the 1st day I reported to work, HR asked me to sign an agreement that I cannot resign during probation period otherwise I need to pay back the buy off amount. HR told me they cannot release the payment to my previous company if I didnít sign off the agreement.

I feel be cheated and what can I do in this situation? Appreciate your advice
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KL Siew
19/01/2011 17:01:01
I don't think you have the choice. To avoid the pay back, just try not to resign during probation, that's all.
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