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Khor Kah Yong
19/01/2011 05:38:40
Re: Wages-Late Payment on wages

Im Kah Yong, currently working as a part-timer in a well-know electric brand company. Its a agency to hire people for the company and work for road shows and event.
I started working from the 3rd of Dec. I had sign a contract which stated that wages will be claim on monthly basis. The staff in the company verbally promised me that wages will be paid on the 15th of every month for the previous month, eg. wages for DEC will be paid on the 15th of JAN.
I have worked for almost everyday from 3rd to 31st of DEC. But till now i haven't receive payment from the company. At first they said that 15th on JAN was a weekend so they cannot bankin the salary. They gave excuses like boss is not here to sign the paper so i have to wait. Until yesterday, which is the 18th of JAN, i went to their office and they gave me excuses, like date of wages paid will not be punctual for a part timer and some part-timers slowing down their process by not passing up their time sheet in time.

Im not to sure about the laws of employment. But my salary is above RM2000 so i assume that i am not covered by the Employment Act so im a confused now.
What action should i take to fight back my rights?
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Khor Kah Yong
19/01/2011 05:44:57
Sorry i clicked the 'post it' button accidentally and i can't edit the post anymore. There's one last question to complete my post.

1) Is the company breaking the contract by not paying wages on time?
2) What action should i take to fight back my rights?

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KL Siew
19/01/2011 16:56:18
If your salary is not more than RM5000, you still can approach the Labour Department for help. Pay them a visit.
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