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15/01/2011 15:08:20
Re: Sick Leave request

Hi, Good Day to you. I am an airline employee. Recently my company has came out a new regulation which state that "employee are requested to submit the MC 24hrs before our duty time,otherwise,missing a flight duty without prior approval shall automatically be regarded as miss flight."
May i know does the company has the rights to aplly this on us against Mlalaysian Labour Law?

*the company deal with us according to Malaysian Labour Law.
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KL Siew
15/01/2011 17:51:48
Section 60F(2)(b) of the Employment Act has this to say:

"(b) which is certified by such registered medical practitioner or medical officer or dental surgeon, but without informing or attempting to inform his employer of such sick leave within forty-eight hours of the commencement thereof:

shall be deemed to absent himself from work without the permission of his employer and without reasonable excuse for the days on which he is so absent from work."

But remember, the EA only covers non manual employees with salary not exceeding RM1500. If you are not covered by that Act, that section is not applicable to you and you may have to consult your own union if you do have one.
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