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cecelia choye
13/01/2011 18:17:57
Re: termination before probationary period ends

Can we terminate an employee before the probation period ends? He is a management level employee with 2 counselling sessions, a warning letter and another stern warning letter given to him.
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KL Siew
13/01/2011 21:22:10
The company can do that but the employee still has the right to complain.
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19/01/2011 15:59:02
no appointment letter,no pay slip,work during PH,cant take mc,no punch card,no name tag,no basic salary,no agreement between employee n employer,salary alwiz late,put the blame on certain employee(other employee do mistake),poor management,insult certain employee in front of customers n never appreciate the employee(did all works but name is credited to other employee). what should the employee do?
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