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13/01/2011 12:04:36
Re: Resign notice

I would like to know if an employee tender his resignation letter on 10 Jan 11 and his last working day is on 09 Feb 10.
Since too many days of chinese new year holiday in Feb,company not willing to pay, therefore company want to give him a letter of Acceptance of resignation and indicate his last working day is 31 Jan 11 but without agreed by the him.
That employee has the right not to accept the letter and continue to work until 09 Feb11?
If need to pay until 09 Feb 11, CompanyCan be paid the salaries for Jan + Feb after Chinese new year?
Thank you.

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KL Siew
13/01/2011 17:00:35
I don't think the company can do that. His last day should be 9 Feb and he should be paid up to that date.
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17/01/2011 21:50:20
及如果公司要把员工在外坡工作的费用计算在员工每月薪金和费用里,而这些费用公司已经当COMPANY'S EXPENSES出账了,而且现在公司计算出来我还倒欠公司RM 5,000, 是否不合理呢?我可以不必理会吗?
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