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11/01/2011 12:37:22
Re: Working 6 days a week? ( office hours)

i'm currently working in a office XX which its working hours is 8.30 to 6pm..but sometimes we will work more than 6pm because of the crazy work given which cannot be done in the specific required time ( 8.30 - 6pm) and the boss claims that there are no OT given and require us to go to work on saturdays from 8.30 till 1pm.. but if we are absent for saturdays its a minus 1 whole day salary... i'm new to office work line but i feel like its something wrong with the company.. anyone can give me advice?

1 . should there be OT given?
2. is saturday a double pay?
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11/01/2011 12:41:30
please take note that my salary is 1.2k
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KL Siew
11/01/2011 14:30:41
Yes, you are entitled in both cases.
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