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10/01/2011 12:20:00
Re: Employee request for extension of probation period

Hi Siew,

I have just joined a company 3 months ago as a project manager, the company has issued a confirmation letter to me without a space for me to sign for accepting the confirmation (one way acceptance).

I am still not satisfied with the company for the reason of lack of resources for all projects and would like to request for extension of probation from the employer.

Question is:
1. Can I, in writing, request for extension of probation period?
2. Can I decline the one way confirmation from the employer?

Thank you very much.

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10/01/2011 12:32:59
Hi Siew,

some further info.

I have given the employer a letter requesting for extension of probation period however the HR manager decline it and say it is not valid, mentioning that extension of probation can only be done by employer, employee does not have the rights to extend the probation.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
10/01/2011 15:12:20
You cannot ask for extension or reject the confirmation. For me, if I were not happy with the company and think it is not possible to go on working there, I would leave. So, just carry on to the best of your ability and leave when you have secured a better job elsewhere.
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10/01/2011 18:23:23
Hi Siew,

I know what to do next.

Thanks for your response.

have a nice day :)
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