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08/01/2011 09:14:04
Re: Termination of foreign worker

Dear Mr.Siew

One of the foreign worker was caught steeling scrap iron during after working hrs . He was given verbal warning and chance by the superior not to repeat that offend before. The company have recorded the evidence (proof) and he admit it during DI. We did not report to Police but terminate him 24 hrs instead.

Can we pay his salary until his last working day? We give him 1 week to moved from quarters. We just renewed his workpass for another 1 yr. Can we cancel his w/pass within 1 week ? His daughter still studying...
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KL Siew
08/01/2011 13:45:58
Since a DI has been held, you just decide what you think fit about his salary. As for other problems like removing from quarters, canelling work pass etc, I think you better consult the Labour Department or the recruiting agency.
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