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07/01/2011 12:24:13
Re: annual leaves

if my staff join in our company started on 01/12/2009, under the labour law any staff continue service more than 2 years but less than 5 years will entitle 12 days anuual leaves.
Could I set our company policy for who started the employment before 1st July, can entitled 1 year annual leave. if started the employment after 1st July would not calculated under this year.
Mean my staff joined in our company on 01/12/2009, the anuual leave started at 2010. Therefore, this staff should wait until 2012 to take 12days annual leaves.

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KL Siew
07/01/2011 13:51:31
I would not set that type of policy if I were you. Will cause more confusion. Why not just allow them to take leave according to the number of month of completed service? For example, work one month, you get one day, two months, two days and so on.
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