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07/01/2011 08:34:26
Re: underpay

Hi Siew,

I am a Degree holder and working in a export company, this is my 1st job after graduate, during the 3 months probation period the wages was rm700 per month and after 3 months probation, there is no offer letter or increment of wages until 5th months only a rm100 of increment until now,

I would like to know is there any labour law to protect the situation like me.
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KL Siew
07/01/2011 13:24:15
There is no law to say how much an employee should be paid. If you feel it is too low, ask for a raise. Otherwise, you can always look for a better paid job. But first, gain some working experience first although the pay may be a bit low. Other employers may be willing to pay more especially when you have some working experience. They wont pay well to those fresh from school.
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