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01/01/2011 21:40:03
Re: Salary given late

if the company always give the salary late, latest goes to 10th day of the month, but on the payslip is always printed salary issued at last date of previous month, can i make complaint on this?

and fyi, my company is 24-hours operated, so even is public holiday we got to work in rotate, but the claims is not triple.
Normal ot /hr - Rm
PH ot/hr - Rm

in this case, is the company pay us lesser than they should?
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KL Siew
02/01/2011 18:43:33
If you are covered by the Employment Act (meaning salary less than RM1500), date of salary pay and overtime rates may not be in accordance with the provisions of the Act. If you are not covered by the Act, you may have to ask for better terms.
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04/01/2011 18:52:07
Salary is higher than Rm 1.5k/month.
According to our HR, our PH OT rate is lower due to our company is 24-hour operated, they claimed that under labour law they do not need to pay triple.
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