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31/12/2010 15:55:19
Re: 31-12-2010 holiday

for private company, the PH declared by PM, if we are working on that day, is it double pay or triple pay? we are not received any replacement day for this PH, any documentation that can be show as evidence for this issue? if our salary above RM1500, shall we enjoyment this benefits? pls advice, thanks!
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KL Siew
31/12/2010 20:42:35
Consult Labour Office.
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03/01/2011 14:59:47

I just want confirmed 31.12.10 is a pay public holiday? compulsory PH? which mean excluded the 11 days (5 compulsory+ 6 gazetted)

under labour law 1955 60d (1) D


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bs loh
06/01/2011 22:21:21
compulsory PH is 5, it is mean of of it 16 sep?
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