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23/02/2010 15:49:39
Re: Resignation

My colleague gave a resignation letter to my boss on 12 February. He started work at our company on 04 June 2007, our company practice the 1st year 8 days reserved leave until you resign then only choose to claim leave early, so that his balances of 2 days + 8 days = 10 days leave.

He was chose left early and mentioned his last day is until 27 February, but he still claim the salary until 11 March, did he wrong?

In the right way is calculcate until 28 February?
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KL Siew
23/02/2010 16:09:24
I think your colleague was right. He is entitled to take his balance of leave before he left as mentioned in Section 60E(2A) of the EA:

"(2A) Notwithstanding subsection (2), upon the termination of an employee's contract of service, the employee shall be entitled to take before such termination takes place the paid annual leave due to be taken in the year in which the termination takes place in respect of the twelve months of service preceding the year in which the termination takes place, and, in addition, the leave accrued in respect of the completed months of service during the year in which the termination takes place."

Yes, he should be paid up to 11 March.
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01/03/2010 13:17:30
Hi Mr Siew,

I would like to ask on behalf of my friend.
My friend joined a company since 10/11/2005 as trainee, and confirmed 6 months later. He had 3 salary increment during his employment there. The recent salary increnment was in Oct 2009.
He recently tendered his resignation on 26/12/2009 and he is required to give 2 months notice, and his company allowed accumulated leave. He has 42 days accumulated leave.
His company want him to serve 2 months notice and willing to pay back for the 42 days of leave.

But the correct calculation of the leave payment suppose to be: (Current Basic salary /26) x 42 days? Correct me if i'm wrong because my friend informed me his company will pay him back the balance of un-utilised leave according to Old basic salary.
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01/03/2010 14:15:51
Mr Siew,
My resign letter date is 26th Feb,then when is my last day date?Can i dunwan gv one mth notice?my join date is 1st April 2009.Izzit we need pay one mth salary to company?
when we resign ady ,then our salary can get it immediately like pay us Cash or Cheque?
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