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YS Tan
30/12/2010 21:48:26
Re: Pay Slip & EPF deduction


Currently I have been working under this company for 3 month+

Up to date, I still haven't received any pay slip from the company.

We have checked with our colleague( Exec Level and above) that they have received their pay slip. When we check with our manager, we been advice that pay slip won't be received when salary pay out.

We also check with the KWSP and we found out that company did not enter our EPF as well.

this incident has happen for pass 2 months.

what we should do ?

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KL Siew
30/12/2010 22:11:48
I would suggest you re-check with your HR department about the payslips and find out the actual position including EPF/SOCSO contributions. Don't ask others, ask your HR and insist they give you a proper answer..
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Best to get official advice, call now! Labour Office   EPF   SOCSO