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30/12/2010 11:54:43
Re: Working on Public Holiday

What happen if a company year by year reduced the employee public holiday? From 15 days gradually down to 12 days.

In Labor Law it is stated that minimum Public Holiday is 10 days/year. Thus, if above is legal, the company can reduce 2 more day to minimum (10 days/year). Is it legal?

If its legal. If the worker work on Public Holiday (Wesak day/Thaipusam/Nabi Muhammad B'day) which is not included in the 10 compulsory PH. Will the employee get 3x pay for that day?.
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Sanusi Din
30/12/2010 12:10:48
(sharing experience)

Company may reduce to minimum 10 days. Its legal to do so. Good company explain (memo) the reason to do so. ie. cost down etc.

Company can use minimum 10 days/year as stated in the law. But company has to gazzette it earlier which 10 days that they chose.
Therefore, any other than gazetted public holiday fall on your working timetable, not entitle for public holiday pay.

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Sanusi Din
30/12/2010 12:21:41
please refer to Section 60D of employment act for compulsory 4 day PH and details.
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