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Sanusi Din
30/12/2010 09:52:40
Re: Sick Leave

Dear Sir,

Can Sick Leave (given by company panel doctor) be taken consideration as one of performance base criteria to decide on:
1: Confirmation of promotion
2: Confirmation of probation period
3: Evaluation (appraissal) that affect salary increament
4: Bonus

Thank you.
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30/12/2010 15:15:25

Yes, its up to them. Or in another 'hard' word (sorry) "Itu wa punya suka laa..."
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Sanusi Din
30/12/2010 15:30:31
hahaha..OIC, thanks 4 d info.
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02/01/2011 14:43:28
hi, i wanna check, if let say in the offer letter saying that paid sick leave is based upon Emplyment Act 1967, is it valid? because employment act is 1955. a

and also i wanna check, if let say in the offer letter hasnt stated on the claim amount on the MC, is the staff entitled to claim?

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