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Ally Tan
27/12/2010 19:22:53
Re: 24 hrs Notice of Termination by staff


My colleague has just tendered his notice of 24 hours today @ 27.12.2010 @ 1000hrs via sms. He has been with the company for 4 months and was given an increment this commencing this month following with EPF and SOCSO contribution.

Question 1:-
Can my colleague leave with 24 hours notice?
If yes, does our company needs to pay his salary immediately this month? Can our company pay his salary after we get someone else to replace him?
If no, what sort of compensation our company may look into? The new company he is working with is offering him a better pay however requesting him to commence work immediately. Therefore, his post now is empty and we are advertising for a new staff.

Thank you for advice!
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KL Siew
28/12/2010 17:08:53
Just don't pay anything to him since he left without notice.
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