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23/02/2010 11:49:12
Re: staff take leave to work at previous company

Dear sir,

A staff started to join us on 17 feb. He worked for 2 days and then took emergency leave. We found out that he actually working at his previous company during his absent. He report to work again today. He explained that the company needed him and that is the reason he help his previous company. He comfirmed that he officially resigned from his previous company. He wants to work for us and he promised he will not do it again. What can we do to him? should we pay his last 2 days salary ?

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KL Siew
23/02/2010 15:09:54
He might have gone back to attend to some unfinished work. For me I might just give him a chance since he has promised not to do it again but you can treat the two days as no pay leave.
Tell him so.
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