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26/12/2010 17:29:57
Re: Union problem

As i know some industry have unionise such like car component manufacturing.
My company is manufacturing of paper box that no union yet, my boss definitely dont want to have the union. There are some questions need your assistance:

1) How the worker to form the union? who can form the union? i heard must staff from supervisor and below that cover under EA can be the member of the union? Executive and above can not be member of union?
2) Any way for an employer to prevent the worker to form the union?
3) What can do if the employer dont want the worker to form the union?

4) Under what circumstance the worker can form union? how many worker nee dto form union?
5)do they need the consent/ agree/ approval from employer? or they just need go for register and form the union?

Kindly share with me about the formation, prohibit to let the worker to form union in the legalize way (I heard some employer will promote the supervisor who intend to be / lead or form union to be executive level, so without the experienced and leadership ex- supervisor, normally the formation will not successful or any alternative ways to cease the formation of union.

Thank you very much and very appreciated for your sharing and advices.

Union Problem
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KL Siew
27/12/2010 10:48:10
It is not easy to form a union even if it is a house union. I would suggest you consult the Trade Union Affairs Department and the MTUC how to go about it.
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