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24/12/2010 23:30:30
Re: A lot of problems.....Help needed from Mr Siew

Dear Mr Siew,

i m a Graphic designer(Basic Salary RM1900) working for more 5 years in 'A' company.

My confirmation letter stated that
Working days: Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm
OT weekday after 5.30pm: 0.5x
OT Saturday: 2x
Recently start fr Dec2010, all designers' working hours changed. We hav to work half day (9am-1pm) on every Saturday. the working hours during weekdays remain the same. Boss promise to add in our basic salary (including the EPF) but havent tell us how much to add....
Is this correct?
How much he should add that is reasonable?
should the weekday working hours be deducted?
How many working days should be considered now?(26 days during Working days: Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm)?
Will the OT rate narrow down due to increasing of working days?(Mon -Sat)

'A' Company gave us 2 pieces of paying slips each month.
1-basic salary RM1900 + OT + EPF +socso information
2-Commisions (up to RM1000 each month for each designed artwork )
but commision is not calculate into the EPF.

I heard that paying slip should be only 1 piece per month including all basic salary + EPF + OT + commisions information? I also heard that commision should be counted into EPF as well. but in my company, only basic salary of RM1900 counted? How should it be?

Please Advice

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24/12/2010 23:34:18

'A' company offer me 21 annual leaves, 10 MCs, 10 bills claimed(max RM25 per bill). Should i fight for 22 MCs(work more than 5 years)?

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KL Siew
25/12/2010 09:27:51
As for as those working conditions and terms are concerned, you will have to negotiate with your employer. From what I know, graphic designers are in great demand and I am sure you will have the edge in your bargaining position.
About two payslips, your company may try to avoid paying EPF for it. Keep those slips and who knows one day you may want to use them as evidence against the company. You can also consult EPF about it.
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25/12/2010 23:53:01
we designers are really mad bout the two payslips matter. My employer keep telling us that 'A' company is the only company which provide commission benefit for us. We cant get this benefit from nowhere. We feel like he try to threaten us that if we still trying to demand more, he will cut off the commission, & only can get our basic salary only.

What can we do?where should i seek for help?
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26/12/2010 00:08:31
Dear Mr Siew,

we really need mind telling us more about our problems since we really don't know where to start or what to do? Your help & advice really appreciated
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KL Siew
26/12/2010 08:36:28
If all of you cannot get together and negotiate with your boss, then you will have to go to the authorities like the Labour Department and EPF.
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