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22/02/2010 23:44:41
Re: resign after signed appointment letter

dear all,

My friend encountered a case and need some expert's advise here. Recently sge had signed an appointment letter with company A, in the appointment had status that if she resigned during probation period wil need serve either one month notice or pay one month salary for compensate. This is acceptable and understanding.

But she decided to tender her resignation on her 4th working days, and she willing to serve one month notice instead of paying one month compensate. Ok, the problem is the employer doesnt agree with her suggestion and insist need her to compensate the one month notice, rather than serving notice. The reason is they not willing to waste the resources to train her up with only one month and leave afterward.

Based on this cases, did she will received court cases?
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KL Siew
23/02/2010 09:53:32
You friend has the right to choose not to pay indemnity in lieu of notice. It is up to her employer to make the next move.
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