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22/12/2010 18:57:05
Re: Termination of Employment

Dear Sir

This is my situation, we are in service industrial (restaurant), we would like to end the employment of the assistant restaurant manager as she is not performing according to our requirement,

firstly, we have given her many times verbal warning
2nd, 2 warning letters given (lateness, not performing)
3rd, unable to lead and organise the team in terms of man power, planning in operation.
4th, she is working more than 2 years

can we give her 24 hours notice? or one month notice and on top of it we pay her one month salary in lieu to ask him to leave?

Please advise

Thank you

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KL Siew
23/12/2010 12:40:06
Whichever way you use, she still has the right to complain. Better discuss with her as to the best way to have the service terminated amicably.
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