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21/12/2010 02:48:36
Re: Dilemma with probation employee


I have a staff whom just completed her 3 months new employee probation period. During this period, she has shown some of the qualities we would aspect from someone of her position. The Management has decided to extend her probation for another 3 month to review her potential in meeting additional key criterias.

We had a review with her to inform of the probation extension. In the review, we shared with her what are the criteria she has met and what are those that have not. The employee immediately rejected the probation extension and has made it clear she will not accept it. Her reason to support her rejection is:

1) The reason for extension is invalid, but failed to provide support to her claims
2) She is new and still learning, even thoug she pointed out she was a Assistant Maager and a Project Manager, but know very well the criteria we are looking for. Orientation was conducted with her to explain her job role and what we expect from her.

The other thing whic we find very offensive is her statement that the Management team is not good at their job. Thus the decision to come up with a ridiculous reason for extension. She has shown a great deal of disrespect and for the Manager and General Manager conducting the review with her. We are perceiving this as an act of insubordination. This was from her in both verbal and written.

In such case where the employee refuses to accept the probation extension, and on top of that shown unaceptable conduct of behavior, can a termination be invoked upon her?

Appreciate your reply on this.

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KL Siew
21/12/2010 11:42:01
Just say "Sorry, that is management's decision." No need to go into any argument.
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