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21/02/2010 22:20:40
Re: Claims on Dental not reimburse

During my previous job, i was entitled for of amounting RM200 of dental claims annually. During that time I was a confirmed staff been working with the company for 4yrs, I went for a dental check up as I was having a swollen gum. The fee was RM69.00. My claim date was 9/12/2009, & i went to see the dentist on the 8/12/2009.

I resigned from the company on the 5/1/2010. Until today, my reimbursement for my dental claim have not been reimburse to me.

Do the company have the rights for not paying the dental claim?
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KL Siew
22/02/2010 09:07:26
Under the Employment Act, there is no provision for medical claims or dental checkup. Since you have left the company, if they choose to ignore your claim, I don't think there is any point to pursuing the matter even if such benefit was stated in your previous contract of service. Just wait for sometime and hope they will pay you.
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