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20/12/2010 00:05:01
Re: Working Hours And Public Holiday

i'm a trainee in this company which works from 7am-3pm but i have to stay back till 5pm or even 6pm frequently but never go back punctually except for the 1st working day. And yet we received fix daily wages without OT claims. Isn't a trainees' benefit is totally different with permanent staff? do we have a fix public holiday calendar or the company can delare its own public holiday? eg, christmas and new year is not a public holiday for our company, isn't legally approve?
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KL Siew
20/12/2010 18:17:51
If you are a trainee employee (not those under internship) you should be able to enjoy all the benefits under the Employment Act if your salary is not more than RM1500. Under the EA, your company should provide at least 10 public holidays per year. However, Xmas and New year may or may not be the appointed public holidays for the company. Ask your HR for more info on this.
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