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17/12/2010 19:45:14
Re: Miscarriage

Re : Sick Leave Due to Miscarriage

The senario :-
a) A staff work for us less than a year, employment since March 2010
b) Salary more than RM1,500.00
c) Pregnant for three months since September 2010 and misccariage in November 2010
d) taken 8 days off and follow by MC from government hospital

Question :-
Does she entitle to the sick leave due to miscarriage?

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KL Siew
17/12/2010 20:41:33
Yes as long as there is MC.
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24/12/2010 22:56:31
Pregnant for 5 months since June 2010 and misccariage in Oct 2010

20days of MC fr hosp. 4 days annual leaves left. 5 days sick leave left.

the admin deduct all of my leaves including 4 days annual leaves. Is this correct?
they said actually i hav to be entitled to get unpaid leaves for the rest of (20-4-5)=11days?
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