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17/12/2010 16:40:31
Re: Maternity leave

I'm a pregant lady. I join this company since October'10 but i have yet to receive my confirmation letter. Before I join this company, I have already told them about my pregancy. My due will be around early of April next year. Am I entitle for maternity leave?
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KL Siew
17/12/2010 17:08:04
If you come under the Employment Act (salary less than RM1500), you are entitled to paid maternity leave by then. If not, ask your employer about your maternity leave entitlement.
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29/12/2010 11:38:32
My salary are above RM1500. It is means that my company have their right not to give me maternity leave and allowance?
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Admin Staff
30/12/2010 16:58:13
I have a staff with the same issue and she earns more than RM 1500. Does it mean the Company has the rights to deny her 2-months paid leave. In that case, is there a law to protect those who earn RM 1,500 and above? A friend of mine said that an amendment has been done to the law to include those earning RM 5,000 and below but I can't seem to find this information anywhere. Any advice?

Thank you in advance!
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