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15/12/2010 10:00:29
Re: MC Claim

As we know, for those who works less than 2 years, entitle for 14 days of MC

1. The 14 days should be calculate from Jan - Dec or the date when he starts ( 14/12/2010 - 13/12/2011). Which calculation is correct?

2. Can they claim the MC, as many days as they could per month? or company could limited the max no of days per month?
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16/12/2010 09:06:12

1. Section 60F(1)(aa), EA stated :"Each calendar year" means "Jan - Dis".

Example : If they got from 26/12/2010 till 4/1/2011, so, for year 2010 = 6 days, and for 2011 = 4 days. That means the entitlement for 2011 left more = 14-4 = 10 days.

2. Yes, they can claim the MC as many days as prescribed by the doctor. Company management shouldn't limited it bcoz the company is not a medical practitioner. Only doctors know the condition of their patients.

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24/12/2010 23:01:21
. As we know we should have at least of 22 days of MC for those who had been working years more than 5 years continuously in 1 company.

But the company only provide 10 MC per year, paid RM25 per bill(10 bills per year)

Is this correct?
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