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13/12/2010 15:13:55
Re: RE : Salary payout

I was in this company for almost 6 months. I have been confirmed but the company never ask me to sign any contract with them even after i have asked them about it.

Now i got another from other company. Due to this case, i cant provide 1 month notice of resignation, so do i need to compensate ?

Will I still receive my salary at the end of the month ?

Please advice.

TQ !
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KL Siew
13/12/2010 16:41:37
Read the appointment letter. The notice period for resignation might be there. If there is nothing, according the Employment Act, the notice period is 4 weeks or 4 weeks salary a compensation.
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14/12/2010 09:49:21
Thanks Mr.Siew.

Btw, I dont have any appointment letter too.
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