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10/12/2010 13:24:51
Re: Confirmation

Hi Sir,

I had completed my 3 month probation period and the company has issue me a confirmation letter. But according to my company, the company has the policy that no increment for any of the staff who is confirmed. Before confirmation, the notice period serve is 1 month and after probation notice period serve is 2 months. with no additional benefit, i had yet to sign the confirmation letter and i had taken and delay quite long the confirmation acceptance. the company has compel me to reply by today to be sign the confirmation letter dated 25 November 2010 or they will deemed that i will continue as a probationer. In this case, I will need your advice on:
1) My company can force me to make decision to sign the confirmation on any date or else will deemed as probationer?
2) What is the consequences of not signing the confirmation letter?
3) Can the company dismiss me due to extending my probation period and review my performance again and then ask me to leave?

Please advice
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KL Siew
10/12/2010 15:20:31
Confirmation is not necessarily followed with salary increase. Some companies give increase while others do not. Actually, it does not matter whether you acknowledge the confirmation letter or not, you will still be considered as confirmed. It is not necessary for you to create a farce over the matter if you feel that the company is OK to work in.
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10/12/2010 16:30:27
I understand this, but however, the company representative did inform that salary adjustment after probation is subjected to performance of staff. But then, it ended that the company mention that the company had the policy of no increment to any of the staff upon confirmation. i just wonder whether this is something not ethical. Frankly, the company environment are all ok.
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KL Siew
10/12/2010 17:31:10
If there is such a policy, it will be difficult for them to make an exception. If they give an increase to you, they may have to give to others also.
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11/12/2010 13:32:38
as a name above I as a cnc programmer in company not yet completed six month probation.What shoud i do if i didnt receive my comformation letter if duration going more than six month. till now no any leave or mc that i taken. pls advise.Thanks
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