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19/02/2010 10:48:12
Re: Commission Short Paid

I joint this MNC company since 6 years ago and everything seems fine until second half of year 2009. Everymonth i will submit my commission claims to the Finance Department base on the calculation table provided by the management from year to year basis. Start from May 2009, the finance department started to hold back my commission without giving any reasons (even i have collected the payment form my clients) . Certain months the commission paid was far below what was expected and submitted. Can one company go against their black and white? I tries to tolerence with it and no choice but to resign in month of September 2009. Unitil today the company still short paid my commission around RM 12K. What can i do about it? Everytime when i called the Finance they kept saying in the process. Please advice. Thanks!
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KL Siew
19/02/2010 11:41:29
If you have proof of the amount of commission short paid to you, you can get a lawyer to sue for it.
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