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09/12/2010 09:15:33
Re: Resign without notice

Our company have facing this problem, where employee would like resign immediately without any notices.

our company policy:
Under probation period: 1 week notice
After confirmation: 1 month notice.

and our company of contract:
Contract salary (based on their production and deduct the reject)

My question is about the payroll.
1. How should we do the payroll calculation? ( reject calculate till his resign date or 'Add-on" 7 days notice)
2. Could we deduct their salary for their notice period? ( if RM 20 per day and we could deduct RM 140 from his pay)

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KL Siew
09/12/2010 14:49:34
1. Should calculate up to the last working day.
2. You may do so if he resigned without notice.
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