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19/02/2010 09:48:24
Re: Payment hold by Employer

I've tender my resignation notice since 18 Nov 2009 ( 3 months termination notice) and my last day would be 17 Feb 2010. Company had hold my Allowance, and the HR told me that they are waiting for the boss decision whether to release or to deduct my salary. The reason the company hold my salary is because Company had send me to a safety course, which is for project requirement. I've email to HR and call her, but she told me she cant do anything accept waiting for the boss decision. Since my contract with the company had ended. What should I do? Please guide me. Thank you.
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KL Siew
19/02/2010 11:37:01
If your salary is still below RM5000 per month, you may consult the Labour Department. If your salary is above that, you may have to get a lawyer to look into the matter. Just give the company a few more that days before you take action.
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19/02/2010 22:26:01
Thank you for your kind advise, I'll wait for few more days before i take action. My basic pay is below RM5000, and after adding the allowances, my salary is above RM5000, so should i consult Labour Department or to get a lawyer? Thank you in advance for your advise. Best Regards,
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20/02/2010 09:50:39
In that case, it is most likely the Labour Department will not have the power to deal with your case. Better go and consult a lawyer.
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