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01/12/2010 22:00:51
Re: 24 hour notice or 1 week notice

Hello. I am on a probationary period for over 6 months (appointment letter stated probation period is 6 months). Waited for my confirmation letter which was on hold with the head boss of my company.

Another company has offered me a job but they want me to start a week and a half from now. On my appointment letter, the notice period for turning in the resignation was 1 month for staff on probation (2 months for confirmed staff). I am only able to give 1 week notice starting tomorrow.

Will HR ask me to pay them back for wages due this month? If that is the case, I would rather give 24 hour notice to avoid wages taken against me, unless they pay for this week and next week's salary.

Please advice. Thank you.
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KL Siew
02/12/2010 16:45:39
If you want to resign immediately, you have to pay 4 weeks salary as indemnity in lieu of notice.
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