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01/12/2010 18:04:06

I am a freelancer since 2009, from my experience of work, those company or event agency always took more than 2months to proceed payment to us. As a university student, we have to earn quick money as well as fast money, and work as freelancer able to adjust our time-table. Yet, THOSE COMPANY/ EVENT MANAGEMENT/ EVENT AGENCY they keep bear off their responsibility to pay us in short period, we have to chase them in order to get pay soon. And there are many cases happened where some part timer didn't get pay, how do we protect ourself and what can i do to get pay by those COMPANY/EVENT AGENCY asap? any rights and obligations under the laws to us as a freelancer?
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KL Siew
02/12/2010 16:42:23
There are lots of bad pay masters around. You can of course resort to complaining to the Labour Department but if the sum is very small, not worth the hassle really. The best way is to keep pestering.
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13/01/2011 20:53:26
I am also facing the same problem. My position is part-time Account and pay by month basis. He terminated me on 16/12/2010, I still can get the half month pay, right? But he also still not pay my November 2010 wages, means i can resort to Labour department as well, right?
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