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29/11/2010 08:04:40
Re: Calculation- resigned 24 hrs

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your advice the other day.

The handphone shop usually pay us on the 8th the next month. Assuming i resigned 24hrs on 9th of December 2010 after taking my November salary, due to I had already work 8 days in December should the calculation of 1 month Payment in lieu of service be RM1483.90 as below? My monthly gross salary is RM2000

RM2000 x 8/31 = RM516.10
RM2000 - RM516.10 = RM 1483.90

Look forward to your advice, Thank you.
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KL Siew
29/11/2010 14:42:52
I think your calculation is correct.
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29/11/2010 15:41:45
Thank you very much Mr. Siew.
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