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28/11/2010 17:00:24
Re: OT

my manager asked me to do OT but with the pay of RM10 pr hour, which is even less than my normal hours rate. Is it legal? And he also said that OT for 1 hour or less than 1 hour not considered as OT! Can someone tell me is it correct?
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KL Siew
29/11/2010 14:38:08
Under the Employment Act (which covers non manual employees with salary that does not exceed RM1500), the formula for OT hourly rate is (salary/26x8) x 1.5. You should complain to the Labour Office for anything not in order.
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30/11/2010 09:23:23
Is it all need divide by 26days?If one month my working days just is 22 days because saturday i no work then my OT calculation also is need divide to 26days not 22 days?
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KL Siew
30/11/2010 13:10:27
The formula given in Section 60I(1A) for monthly rated employees is as follow. You may be right about 22. In fact, some employers use to divide with 22 which is more favourable to the employees.

"60I(1A) Where an employee is employed on a monthly rate of pay, the ordinary rate of pay shall be calculated according to the following formula:

monthly rate of pay/26"
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