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26/11/2010 22:37:55
Re: Malaysian Employer claims 36'000US$ from Employee contracted in Vietnam

i have an MY working contract signed between MY company and me. dd april 2009 for an employment in vietnam. Contract period:
quote** this agreement shall continue to be binding and enforceable between the parties for a period of 3 years, unless earlier terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof and subject to the prevailing regulations in Malaysia

additionally, i have a vietnamese working contract signed by the board member of the vietnamese branch and me, dd May 2009. contract periode: open and can be terminated with a notice periode.

after 1.5 years, i resigned and gave approx 2 month notice.

my malaysian employer claims now US$ 36'000.- from me (not sure based on what calculation) saying that i broke the malaysia law by resigning from an binded 3 years contract.

can anyone comment on this.
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KL Siew
27/11/2010 10:41:46
Consult a lawyer.
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27/11/2010 11:01:12
i did already - thanks anyway
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