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23/11/2010 12:36:33
Re: Appraisal

I got a new boss and only joint for almost a year. Majority of my staff are now angry because he did the annual appraisal and gave bad remarks and rate them as "need improvement" to majority of long-service staff. He kept saying the old staff are diseases and carried virus to new staff every time we had meeting. Staffs feel very frustrated and do not want to sign the appraisal as a protest. Can they not sign the appraisal? Before this, all of them rated under outstanding and superior. My boss say he will not give any bonus or increment to the old staff. Instead he confirm new staff and gave them increment more than RM1,000.00. His act cause unhappiness and demotivated majority of the staff.
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KL Siew
23/11/2010 13:42:55
Whenever a new manager came in, he would usually be feeling around to get familiar with the new environment, the job and the staff. As such, some old and more experienced staff would quite often remark "he does not know anything." and reluctant or simply refuse to toe his line. This could be the mistake that made him show his authority. Don't under-estimate him, give him the support.
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23/11/2010 17:18:50
strongly agreeed !! Old staff r always like tht..they think they know the company very well. And your new boss is quite right, those old staff normally will spread viruses to new staff! My boss face the same problem and he said he even think of asking them to quit! hehe!
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