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22/11/2010 18:07:39
Re: Unpaid Leave

Hi Siew,

I've go through your reply about unpaid leave and get to know that we are not entitle for the pay of rest day and public holiday during our unpaid leave. Anyhow, i have called to Labour Office for further clarification. For your information, i have called to Kedah ( i am from kedah), Penang and KL but i got diffrent answers from all of them! Kedah said if the employer approved the unpaid leave application, then the staff should be paid for rest day and public holiday. KL said rest day no pay but Public holiday got .Penang said only deduct the number of days he/she absent.
Is there a clause in Labour Law stating that we shd not pay employee on his/her rest day/public holiday if they squeez in between unpaid leave?

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23/11/2010 09:48:20

Phone conversation usually "confusing the meaning" . You better pay a visit to the Labour Department for clear picture.

Unpaid means NO PAID. How can you get a pay for NON PAY DAY.

Please refer to Section 60D (2), EA.
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23/11/2010 11:54:27
hi busybody,

Section 60D (2) applied if someone is ABSENT without reason. For my case, my staff have filled in the leave application form, but since they have used up their annual leave, so they have no choice but to apply for unpaid leave. We work 5.5 days per week. Saturday work 1/2 day n rest on Sunday. If someone who has used up his annual leave wish to apply for unpaid from Friday to Tuesday, n let say Monday is many days shd i deduct from his salary? 5 days ?
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