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22/11/2010 12:12:48
Re: RE : Salary cut

Hi, I'm in a very confused state n really need ur advise. I started with this co about a year ago n had been confirmed after 3 months with a salary RM3000 per mth not including overtime etc. Last mth my employer had mentioned of salary deductions to all management staff n my salary is due to be deducted end of this mth for the amt RM500 which works to an approx 17%. Their reason is the co is not doing well n cash flow very negative. As we are in production, none of the of the production workers have been deducted. I'm the only management staff in the co n i'm responsible for all paper work such as accounts, quotations, all docs relating to production, payroll n other general works in the office. My appointment was for accounts n office management works not relating to production. My scope n work load was increased but not the pay. My initial thought was to work hard n to prove i was not calculative despite increased work load etc. The last straw came went they confirm my salary deductions due to reasons stated above n juz a few days ago, they hired additional employee to production. That angered me ! I have commitments n this have tilted the balance against me. The questions are: 1) isnt it the responsibility of the employer n its board of directors to ensure they have sufficient funds to operate the business? 2) is it legal for them to deduct juz my salary with this kind of reasons but hire new help? 3) how can i protect myself n what shud i do? Please advise as this has tremendously affected me. Tq
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KL Siew
22/11/2010 16:50:58
You can pay a visit to the Labour Department and discuss your problems with them. Meanwhile, starting to look for a new job is a good option.
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