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kb lee & bok & joshua
15/02/2010 13:23:44
Re: rest and off day falling on public holidays

We are working on shift where we need to cover each other on PH as well.
However, due to our shift patterns, we sometimes encounter our off day or rest day falling on PH days. For now, we are getting paid x2 if PH falls on rest day and x1 if PH falls on off day.
Management is in the process of removing this benefit to us.
They might want to replace the X2 and X1 benefit with a replacement Day in Lieu. Can they do that?
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KL Siew
15/02/2010 19:07:24
1. For public holiday falling on rest day (eg Sunday), the following day will be a public holiday as replacement. So, you will get a day's salary for working on Sunday and a replacement holiday the next. This is acceptable.

2. For public holiday falling on off day (eg Saturday), you should get a day\s salary working on your off day. If the management agrees to give you a replacement, that is also acceptable.

If you don't get paid anything for working on both days but get only a replacement, then I think you are at a disadvantage.
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koo lee
15/03/2010 14:41:34
Referring to no 1, does this mean that an additional day should be given as holiday? Where can we refer in the employment act?
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