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20/11/2010 15:33:40
Re: Worker Diagnosed of TB

Hi Mr Siew, We have a Boilerman who diagnosed of TB and now stay at home based on younger sister statement. He doesn't have a phone number, we could reach him. the Mc was given by Seberang Jaya Hospital is from 27/10/10 till 23/12/10. We do tried to called the Doctor at Seberang Jaya to ask his illness, but Nurse not allow to talk to Doctor & said they can't release information, Nurse advise us to contact our Boilerman himself.

1) can we claim from socso since this is serious illness?
2) how long do we need to pay his salary? his sick leave entitlement is 18days caused his date joined 10/11/2008. His sick leave taken as of 15th November 2010 is 18days.
Please advise! Thank you very much

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KL Siew
20/11/2010 15:41:33
You have to consult SOCSO. As for sick leave with pay, you do according to what is stated in the contract of service.
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