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18/11/2010 10:13:09
Re: Excessive on EL & MC

Dear sir,
There is a staff from Technical Department. Recently keep on taking EL & MC. Since 26 Oct til today (3 weeks), he is taking total of 6 days MC & 4.5 days of EL which all yet receive any leave form & MC from him.
Besides this issue, his superior complaint that his work performance is poor:
>Failure to competently perform assigned duties and tasks on time.
>Poor working ethics/attitude, punctuality and responsibility to complete your tasks despite numerous reminders and advise given.

What can we do? Just can issue a warning letter to him? Can we have another option to terminate him?
Please advise. Thanks!
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KL Siew
18/11/2010 13:29:38
You should ask him to give some explanations or ask him to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him.
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18/11/2010 16:02:18
Ok, noted.
If his explanations are not acceptable (judgement is depends on the Management right?), we can terminate him by then? or issue him a warning letter?Pls advise.
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KL Siew
18/11/2010 16:14:45
Then you will have to do something about it.
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