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17/11/2010 16:12:25
Re: Employment Bond

I am currently working in a contract manufacturer. My customer requested me to attend a kick-off meeting for a new project at their office in US to discuss about the transfer plan and schedule.

The meeting took 4 days. My company has asked me to sign the 9 month bond letter for this trip.

However i checked the company policy that the bond only applicable for trainning and product transfer training. But the company director insist that bond is required since I have face to face with the customer.

I have signed the letter last month as the meeting cannot be done without me.

My question is:
- Is this bond valid as i think the reason of bond is more toward to director's personal feeling rather than follow company policy?

- Can I insist to resign without paying the bond? In such case, what can the company re-act if the bond is valid?

- Will this become a court case? Will the laywer fee expensive?

Appreciate your advise on this.

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KL Siew
18/11/2010 13:24:34
Go and discuss the problem with a lawyer and get his legal advice.
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