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17/11/2010 12:55:23
Re: Sick Leave and Hospitalization

Dear All,

On this year 2010 Sept i was join in to this company,but unlucky i was admit to hospital from 4th NOV till 7th NOV Doctor give MC 4th till 12th Nov.But on 10th Admitted in again from 10th till 12th Nov.Doctor given from 10th till 19th Nov.
As doctor advice after the surgery i cant work he will provided me MC 4weeks.
The question is ,
-am i entitle to have the salary during this period?
-How many days of i entitle to have it under the probation period of 6month?
-will it consider under 60days of Hospitalization or out patient 14days MC?

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KL Siew
18/11/2010 13:22:26
You should be entitled to the number of days you stayed in hospital plus the number of days of sick leave. However, ordinary sick leave is up to 14 days only. Anything more than that may be no pay leave.
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18/11/2010 19:07:15
Dear KL Siew,

Thanks,Meaning 14 days MC + stayed in Hospital 5 days is counter only?

If for example on the day i admitted is public holiday and i m on MC for public holiday will it counter as ?

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KL Siew
19/11/2010 08:42:10

1.That's correct.
2. Just record it as 4 instead of 5 days of hospitalisation will do.
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