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13/02/2010 11:07:20
Re: Immediate Resign

Hai, i start work at 09.09.09 with one of this company, i was given 3 months probations, but they extended my probation period for another 3 months because ithey found that my working perfoemance does not exceed the level of expectation and lots of careless mistake done by me and my salary was decrese from 800 to 700. after the 1 month on the extension they ask me to leave, they did not fired me but they ask me to write letter and resign. no warning letters given,just confused shoud i submit my resignation letter or just wait for them to ask me to go plz help
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KL Siew
13/02/2010 13:06:22
Better let them terminate your service. Meanwhile start looking for another job.
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24/02/2010 09:19:26
now, they push me to write my resignation letter coz they said no point for me to stay and work with them if i keep on doing mistakes and careless mistake and they also did say that its better for me to resign then they fired me.. ishould i report? because i never been given any letter of warning just by verbally only
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19/07/2016 16:10:15
dear diana, good for you sebab dapat letter warning, dah kacau periuk nasi orang, padan muka.
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